Endocrine Mastery: Thyroid, Adrenals & Blood Sugar

What You Must Know to Support Today's Patients

The endocrine system governs all body functions, and is the most important control system in the bodymind. Today, people have more hormonal imbalance than any population at any time in human history. The combined, cumulative and negative effects of chemical toxicity, overmedication, radiation exposure, vaccinations, and genetically-modified foods are devastating. Endocrine-related conditions are spreading at an alarming rate, and include diabetes and pre-diabetes (#1), hypothyroid (#2), obesity, cardiovascular disease, infertility, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Clinicians who cannot confidently work in these areas are simply not fully-equipped to help the modern patient. The good news is that a wholistic approach to endocrine care, which includes diet, exercise, nutritional and herbal support, can quickly improve hormonal health, change your patients’ lives for the better, and prevent future illness. Natural endocrine support is a key to creating lasting, whole-being change for you, your family and patients. In this essential seminar, you will learn how to assess and support three of the most important aspects of the endocrine system: thyroid, adrenals and blood sugar.

Mastering the endocrines is the key to well-being, vitality and resilience. Applying this material, taught by one of the leading presenters in the field of natural medicine and a successful 27-year clinician, will improve your patient care.

In this seminar, you will learn:

1. The three most common mistakes in thyroid assessment

2. Myths and truths about iodine supplementation

3. The best ways to assess thyroid and blood sugar balance

4. Why Body Mass Index is not that important, and its far more useful adjunct

5. A simple and effective diet plan for weight loss, glycemic control and more

6. Why only whole-food supplements are compatible with Chinese medicine

7. The best seven Western botanicals to complement Chinese herbs for these three hormone systems

8. The four keys to patient compliance with your supplementation programs

9. The seven nutritional minerals necessary for the health of these endocrine areas

Your Instructor

Michael Gaeta, DAOM, MS, CDN
Michael Gaeta, DAOM, MS, CDN

Dr Michael Gaeta’s purpose is to create a world of vital, resilient people who find fulfillment through positive contribution, and choose a lifestyle of “nature first, drugs last”. To do this, he works with natural health professionals who want to improve their patient care and practice success.

Michael holds licenses in acupuncture, dietetics-nutrition and massage therapy, and is a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Rhode Island. He earned his MS in acupuncture from the New York College of Health Professions, where he was a faculty member for ten years.

Dr Gaeta has trained over 17,000 health professionals over his 27 years as an educator. Michael’s teaching is informed by 30 years of successful clinical practice. He co-founded Acupuncture for Veterans, which provided free treatments in New York City. Michael is past president of the Acupuncture Society of New York, earning awards for State Association President and State Association of the Year. He appeared on the CBS Early Show and NBC News, and his wellness radio show attracted over 100,000 subscribers. Michael's first career was as a pianist ad composer, which is now a nourishing hobby.

With 12 guest faculty, Michael offers the Clinician’s Mastermind Circle (cliniciansmastermind.com), a one-year certification program in natural functional medicine and practice success.

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